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Erotic massage member

Erotic massage intimate massage. Massage movements are lots of fun. You must wash your hands in warm water. The woman doing the massage of penis should go on his knees between men's legs. The member must be in the excited state. Erotic massage member occurs in three stages - stimulating, middle, end. When the massage apply silicone grease. Oil is not used. Each movement must be a multiple of eight.

The use of erotic massage is not sex, in the standard sense. It is a healthy relaxation of the muscular system and the complete relaxation of the body, in which a person gets unforgettable feelings of pleasure and relief from negative psychological emotions.

Part one.

1. Left hand to clasp the head. Right hand to squeeze out the grease. RUB in a spiral palm. Hold the head between two hands. The center of the palm touches the head. Hands go down. Then up. In the head member to swap hands. Then down. 2. To take the member into the hands in the area of his head. Abut thumbs and stretch the body in hand. 3. Two fingers to take the penis head. To make frictional movements. 4. Fingers to hold the edge of the head of the penis up and down. 5. Hug fist head of the penis. Hand deploy. 6. A little Pat on the body. 7. RUB the penis with your palms up and down. 8. Gently crush member. 9. Connect their hands so that your thumbs were placed under each other. The inside of the knuckles pressed to the excited genitalia. Two hands to put in a lock. To perform movements up and down. 10. Make the hand so that the big toes pointed upwards. Compress tightly the knuckles of your pens. To perform the accent down. Large fingers make sliding movement along the frenulum of the penis.

Part two.

To omit one hand the flesh down. The second is to make frictional movement with a show of hands the entire length of the penis. Very rapidly. Performed with the thumb and forefinger 8-16 times. To change the rhythm. Should alternate slow motion with two quick.

The third part.

Thumb and index finger to make a ring. To make a very quick up and down motions. To bend the penis to the side and quickly make frictional movements. If the partner is not finished to have sex. If your partner was the procedure of circumcision of the penis, erotic massage member must be done with caution. Not much pressing, focusing their attention on the top. Head to cover the foreskin of the penis.


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