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Tantric massage

To understand what is tantric massage, you should begin with the very definition of Tantra. Tantra is a combination of Indian tradition in esoteric that use secret practices and initiation leading to liberation. And tantric massage is, first of all, the possibility of expressing love. Love bears, in their opinion, the full trust in pairs and honesty towards each other and each to himself. Great attention in the tantric teachings given proper breathing, visualization, and the effect on people of different smells. Massage in the present Tantra, is used not only as a medical procedure, but also as a fascinating intimate game. Partly it is similar to an erotic massage, but still has its differences.

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Techniques of erotic massage

Services of a sexual nature are extremely very popular and every day is becoming more popular. An unusual approach to getting sexual satisfaction productively affect the entire body. Enhanced endocrine glands improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, thus removing the stress and tiredness. Normalization of a hormonal background of the body has a positive effect on full sexual activity in the next period of life.

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Erotic massage member

Erotic massage intimate massage. Massage movements are lots of fun. You must wash your hands in warm water. The woman doing the massage of penis should go on his knees between men's legs. The member must be in the excited state. Erotic massage member occurs in three stages - stimulating, middle, end. When the massage apply silicone grease. Oil is not used. Each movement must be a multiple of eight.

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Female orgasm: how to achieve

The desire to feel a bliss in bed with a loved man - every woman's dream. But, unfortunately, for many ladies, it remains unfulfilled. This is due to the fact that not all are able to experience orgasm. If clitoral orgasm can reach the majority of women with vaginal situation is much worse. There are many problems associated with this process. But do not despair ahead of time! They are easily solved - the main thing is to have patience and not to proceed with the business.

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